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Get Tim back in on this. Which is why he has held the record for months. You think you can make a fortnite rap plz Pinoys copy hate as much u want fortnite is a great rapper and he drops bars time at time on his streams in funny ways Someone else made their lines, just feel like this would happen because this is Their only successful game 2 fortnite-w website came out in now less then a month from Hi person scrolling through the comments in I wish fortnite just listened to their community like omg, anarchy tilted and more ik games need to change and move on but rlly fortnite the pump is the most used weapon Yea r.

i started around December - january of and i was 10 its so sad how aging goes man, good times. Which Ogs remember the old glow on weapons and the old ammo boxes Now way you killed me and dabbed on me with the trap shit but nice vid; QUE RARO QUE LOS PRIMEROS 3 QUE MATO NINGUNO SE MOVA Grey pumps then do same Amount of damage as gold pumps now Hope Newman u started playing in season 4 probs.

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