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how much I miss them. Truly was ‚the good old days‚ Nice man!!. H2O Delirious ū were always here with the delirious army!. Stop making negative rude comments. I Try Vertexx how I start season 3 and got like 3x more wins than you Yall haters I hardly play fortnite anymore lol I Try Vertexx thats why you have an omega pfp I Try Vertexx so is your channel desc saying ‚play fortnite‚ Bro hes leaving tilted with almost 15 kills i can barely get that in a good game im glad ur comin back man Nostalgia, but people just hate Fortnite because of the community, Ninja has acquired a life-time win of worth 34, smile because it happened.

Watch your words man bc all you were only talking CAP ū R3 Aspect game is skill based if youre trash you wont queue with them so stop talking ū The Reaper nah just bc you dont play it anymore it doesnt mean the game is dead.

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