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go watch f1evskill website. Does anyone remember when the game was fun, and theres so much more out there in life than fortnite lol A, season 3 was fortnite Ik mis this so much the game sucks right now Back when you didnt have to build to be good and gave fun Searched up fortnite and clicked on popular because I knew I would see this I miss these good times man ­­ I remember when fortnite used to be fun like when you get a kill,you get hyped Watching iconic fortnite so good the dog fortnite jumping with the 2 katanas fortnite barley talking the keyboard smashing his being a pro so good The old sounds, knew every word like it was yesterday?

If they add these additives or things to the game, like if u agree NerdOut. And would get a win with them. This was a good comment, smile because it happenedÔ -Dr Seuss I tought that in noord korea you cant play websitegames Kim Jung-un it was the best time of fortnite.

Its sad to see the game that you loved more than everything go downhill:( Edit: its sad to see that some ppl still think that players quit cause they are trash at the game.

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