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After 1:26 he kills half of the game Whos watching in missing og fortnite م ب ب ب Pov:u get this in ur recommend 2 years later Killed by fortnite 32 kills Me:Hes defiantly hacking XD Nonno bianco 220 in testa alla faccia Livia Lima no tudo Argentino !!.

2 best times of gaming, but PC is better to build and stuff Same, S9 killed you. me, guns ) definitely the og see threw edit and there are a few ideas that could potentially bring this game back. Shroud- Ok There was way more drop on the bolt back then He wouldnt have 23 of his kills if he got no RPG He probably wouldnt have that much kills if he didnt have an rpg (miss old fortnite) Cant believe how much this game has changed.

im noob af xD Teathloac M. No one cares Yo si entiendo porque los mexicanos nunca saben ingles BYBLASPRO10_YT suuuu otro q habla espaol BYBLASPRO10_YT yo se ingles y espaol gg :v Yo si entiendo ingles vivo en ee?

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