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Like I said ive got the black night, You didnt get this in your recommendation. This was on my recommend I just had to watch it again after 4 years (: Prime fortnite was the happiest time of my life 0:49 the way that default fell kills mešššš Wish we could turn back time to the good ol days 7:40 look at the kill feed, if only you knew? I was still kind of surprised when i realised it was two years old tho.

We also miss that a shotgun makes damage :P Old fortnite was a legend, or 10 nevermind. Now I come back and yearn to be back in these days again? I want to say I got to 5th place (in squads) Me when I kill a black night (that had nothing) with a scar GwAnime NC how can you get 1700 kills every match GwAnime NC He was joking, just cus she calls noobs āplebsā XD Me to my friend I have to sweat to play the gameššš Eatin that butter chicken nuggets Only h20 delirious fans will know Thank you what is epic doing is auwfle bring back season 3 map To me the new map just doesnt feel like āthe realā Fortnite anymore, then none of them wouldve written their raps, i know a few ways we could all change fortnite but wed need help everyone do whatever u can to get fortnite to listen to us, but I came back and it feels refreshing and fun.

Games such as rocket league have a rlly skilled player base Bc theyve been their for FIVE years but there is a ranking system and casual game mode which is fine.

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