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We also miss that a shotgun makes damage :P Old fortnite was a legend, why bring the white circle to the game. MrBigjack1980 play this game on pc and say that again I dont give a shit. Fortnites content is insane. Your part was the best ­­­­­­ Are the kids actually triggered my guy, but there isnt any storage space left on my laptop.

I miss it so much man and wish we could go back. why!!!!!!!. 3 Im amazing with scar so thats just like me Who else is in season 9 And want the old fortnite back­­­ As a delirious fan i see some linges that delirious sais in his website included in otherss parts They got a crap ton of money for this website ­­ 1:47 goes in shed and finds a scar and no bandage I watched this over 1000 times not even joking 1:35 if i keep hopping wont shoot me The guy is clearly hitting him lol CDNThe3rd Killed it then Fabvl and lastly fortnite H20 fortnite and cdn was the best easily Its october and im still watching this SoreTick_NIX 11 shhhhh hes in a bush You wasted time because its at the bottom Old fortnite ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Galexy 364 this comment was made in season 10 Noah Vaz NOW, it was a new game of course.

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