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fortnite is a stream sniper, but they had to get better to do so, that is actually a blue pump, then halocene then H20, this is the best song ever Every once in a while I come back to this song and it brings back so many memories THESE GOLDEN TIMES WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN ­ÔÔ I just started fortnite a couple months ago and I really like the new map, this comment was supposed to be sarcastic joke to make people laugh and it became comments war zone.

You just might not dodge all the sniper bullets. 350k a month just off of twitch subs He rreally does make that much basically lmao Nicholas Lakatosh haha you lost so bad ma man Not just a legend a sellout legend­ Actually, Someone who understands ­­­ It also has a higher skill ceiling where on console your are pretty much skill capped Alex Len thats a lie about ppl being worse ive seen ppl on pc pretty dumb Sergio Garcia thats where youre wrong? Good ol days I wish we could go back to season 3-5 Real good times, the gold pump has 110 body shot damage and 220 headshot damage.

But he is not the only one. Please always remember, settings allowed people to become far better.

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