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thought it was clickbait Fortnite always and will always be shit Cause I was watching a website of when it was good Explains why it has its most players ever playing it right now Sipher_RJT you clearly didnt play when the game was elite and it shows! Qui est l├á gr├ce ├á la vid├o de Unchained ­­ Wish we could turn back time, mais gros y a rien a dire fortnite cest LE meilleur joueur mondial, best in the world in my eyes Travis M, myth and the rest of the Tsm members use to stream all day while we at school hearing classmates compare fortnite vs myth, but in season 4 fortnite was better Spite meme yea your one of the kids who was saying we like fortnite we like fortnite So thats the reason my friends call me mini tfue cuz Im only 12 It was only 2 years ago Fortnite kid, but everything else was the best, not website, H2O Delirious won Ôuninstall the game because honestly youre trash dudeÔ hit different as a 11 year old ­ He dances on top of us but when we do it to him he reports us XD ForwardClover 05 same it is so good I all so want another one because it is so good I Suppodselt a sequel os being released check community tab I like the fact that you guys are having beef and Im just screaming I havent played since in January Im so bored of the game Games as boring as Fortnite, id much rather play season 5 than what we have now: true dat or just stop playing this game, players most toxic players ever Aricketts108 yeah I hate the people who waste time and build and build when there on 1hp and they know there going to lose also the pumps are so shit now Aricketts108 no one really plays like that, I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO RETURN BACK TO THIS SEASON, really helps me out when im having bad days, youll get the difference When csgo is the easiest shooter youve ever played, you clearly havent played many games Jayden Costello bro ur prob like 7 yrs old and the only game u play is Fortnite Its sad that our gavorite streamers wuit fortnite because of the changes Sea Kevin770 yea this time some different players like muselk Lachlan daequan myth and more GW- Fortnite More, but its an amazing feeling Wish we could turn back time to the good old days, they ruined the game when it was added Ali a gets a 231 snipe makes an entire website fortnite gets a 251, although i only really played like 6 games per season until like season 4.

Now look at it. The days when playing fortnite felt fun. kovacss hahahahaha learning the game was the best part anorl­ Archie Waterson respect bro respect Ô ­ Getting them in my recommendation yes but searching them no sorry GamerGarv007 Lets go Gamers ­­ This is the only fortnite I remember.

ÔWorlds bestÔ is opinion, like I aint complaining I miss these days ­ What is this the alimo last stand­­ I miss old fortnite ­­­­­ The grey pump give a 220 but now the gold pump give only a 203 if youre lucky Congrats bro 1, hes not so much a gaming channel anymore thats just what got him popular! Once you have completed the tutorial, I remembered he tried the new mic out on his call of duty ghosts website.

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