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I dont hear anyone talking about yours XD nice try tho When I aim one prayer equals on life Dakotaz man your snipes can be good your rap absolutely destroyed CDNTThe3rd and fortnite Dakotaz you or ceez are the best I wish I was as good as you but Im You killed me over the weekend. It was still kinda good till season 9 showed up then season 10 was shit and 11 and 12 Remember watching this like an hour after it came out i couldnt even play it These old fortnite sounds bring back so many season 3 memories I remember when there was no cap on rocket ammo Omg, they immediately think they are sweats.

What a time to be alive man. Every single player stopped playing I think XpertThief should have been in this not Myth For real phoenix myth is best builder out there Im a default on my xbox but im good on my other account i have skins No, SPACELYON. POV:YOU WATCH THIS TO REMIND THE OG GOOD DAYS The time when a gray pumps shot gun gave 220 damage for 1 headshot While me just shooting the orange pump and giving people 209 damage on the head.

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