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I personally never found the game getting boring, which could cost us real money. 33 I miss that chest being there man epic ruins fortnite sometimes and when slurps would give you shield and health at the same time The amount of times ive rewatched this is not even funny Is it just me or did the old colors and terrain give such a better vibe Season 6 pump does 100 damage in the head it does 215 fortnite takes SO long to get a comeback When fortnite wasnt controlled by popularity and was actually funny.

double pump doesnt metter man i got this I used to be on scratch vibing to this song I comr back to it and I still know all the lyrics I do this on 1. Now it doesnt even feel like fortnite anymore TFFFF YOU ARE THE REASON ITS RUIUNED ALWAYS WANTING THE O,D MAP BACK LIKE WTFFFF BRO QUIT ATTACKING EPIC GAMES BRO ITTT WAY BETTER MORE ITEMS BIGGER MAP AND ALOT MORE NEW SKINS JUST Causs tou are bad ands canytt kill sweats doesnt mean you gotta hate on the ga,me Is that u also u got josh and whatever his name is on ur background I remember back in season 2 when the game was actually fun and I grinded all the time.

season 8 I didnt played that. :D I admit, plus he has had high kill games.

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