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by season 5 everyone was cranking 90s And also no turbo building and old map and old graphic Not everyone beasuse only like 45 was try hards but yeah people was good at season 5 Yea that true. NerdOut. People who try really hard at something just to get something small out of it.

Back then when i felt so much better without depression I dont think you realize that this website is 3 years old. And they should stop calling people bad just for killing them. I miss this, its mostly preference. I would get hyped when I got 1 kill by bush camping I get hyped only when I drop 78 bombs in solo double squads Yeh cuz thats the highest kill i could get before Get hyped when you get a kill back then aaa understandable, just wager me because youre trash The memories boys when we used to remember the lyrics by Heart and sing it at school with ur friends Who else randomly remembered this and came here Bro Dakotaz sounds like Fe4rless 2 years ago : Shooting from a sky base : Shooting from a sky base DIES FROM FALL DAMAGE Looks like somebody is butt hurt lol Arsalan ali u know its him with that laugh My friend would rap that line every day Ayden Gaumer yeah but now its better Ayden Gaumer no because its still dusty now is dusty divot Dusty means divot too, I think that if they got rid of all the ai, i wish I appreciated the game then knowing how much it would change This was when Fortnite and fortnite were at their best times, what a year Watching this in it brings so much memories.

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