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now its tortuments and postions and cry babys Daniel Medina Delerious Army 4 Life!!? Lane garber these days there are hella tryhards whitch makes the game not fun. what a time this was. But even then fortnite had beat Neighbor so id say as far as individual talent goes its safe to say fortnite is the best Getting good at halo gives you the ability to get good at any game if you try.

Neither were his lyrics He does have a nice voic e but h20 sounds so good with his voice changer I knew his laugh would be in it coz thats what his known for haha Fifa_lads I sang this for my school talent show when it came out and I won it and I still know the exact lyrics to this one and the second one I know all the lyrics without looking at them Fifa_lads LOL ME LITERALLY JUST RN SINGING IT REMEMBERING THE LYRICS I know every single lyric without looking Remember joining a party and hearing this Who else thinks ceez had the best verse I dont like fishy on me to be clear.

We dont expect him to do a lot but we just found his reaction so fake. (I played during season 4 chapter 1) Everyone does man .

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