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Only one got the reference. Still great to listen to and this makes me want play this game more but I dont feel the same motivation to play but in season 6 chapter 2 I be playing all day I miss the good old days were all you did was have fun and no sweats were a thing­­ I miss playing season 2 to 7 so much it honestly hurts so much not to be able to go back Came back to vibe and remembered the lyrics!!.

For example, watching in season 420! I WANT TO BE LIKE HIM. Hed be extremely rich, and they still did this Duck Master lol Im on controller though so probs not I miss the old days when if u got a kill or a win u wud be screaming and if u were shot at u wud hide behind a tree­­ Eoin Dowling yeah and when you got like 4 kills you would think your really good or if you got shot at you would scream and if you were in top ten your heart would be racing so fast Jonathan Turcios Rosales all good its a very popular saying Lol u where singing this song in the talent show good for u.

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