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Wow time goes by so fast i miss this fortnitebut he was definitely up there. Im on in the hilltops views real nice I got the kill shot. We all know that there is a thing called copy paste Theres all ready lyrics so theres no point of this but its all right. Everyone misses this. The good ol days, but PC is better to build and stuff Same, cause I got a 319 shot, i will not cry watching old fortnitefortnite When you watch old Fortnite website and it makes me cry Then: grey pump 220 to the head Now: legendary 18 to the head Remember when we could outrun the storm I started playing In grade 8.

Xaveon Bell He Edited it it used to say start with my kills Oh sorry I didnt know thx for telling me though Lighter Germ2390 you know you Im the king of dusty KCH sorry I just wanted to know what it meant Its fine, thats nostalgia clouding your memory there.

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