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your snipes are Amazing. Mister nono Je ne suis pas fran├ais mais je laisse tomber comme ├a Prendre plaisir. Missinginaction? Sometimes, his flow was pretty fire in this too and I believe only h20 and ceez wrote their own lyrics It is your life Yeet Love that bit­ Its funny how these virgins make more money than your average minimum wage Yup thats me and we have you the guy who always has to hate on people who like a game thats making tons of money and the people who are playing it are making tons of money bottom line, just not fun anymore ­ This games an fing ghost town nowadays i miss blasted this song eating candy playing on my own all the time The best age compared to what fortnite has become ┬áLakiMisteriX┬áthe chapter 2 is too bad for real I wanna go chapter 1 for tilted and another things Are you still listen to the song without like two years ago when it first came out The good times that I died alot Good times But what good The new map is turning in the old one Yes ­­­­­­­­­­­ When fortnite was fun and no sweats only good People wee cdn fortnite fun times Indeed until fortnite got addicted to the kids money This is when the game was fun now its sweat 24 7 Yeah the OG season was good I miss it who hope for it to come back Y all act like it was 20 years ago but in reality it s only 3 years ­ Prime cod was unmatchable idk what you on dude ­ Lmfao idk if youve never playing cod in its prime but nothing can compare to it except prime gta Idk what you are saying fortnite season 4-5 best game nothing compares at all cod aint even all that just boring overpriced games Remember when people stayed up all day and night getting prestige master.

The good ol days, its like they try to win dude, I dont-didnt- mean that am-was- actually stopping, and it is trained to make the missions of the game look like a piece of cake, building cover aspect of the game. HE EVEN LAUGHED Ah man I miss when this was just released The memories just flooding in playing with friends Cant believe its been 3 years.

I watched this first then trashy 2nd it was a maintain of cringe so i had to rewhwatch cause locked in cringe Yup.

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