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Man this game was good in its golden days Watching this makes me feel like its again ­ I miss fortnite old gaming room and his old music I remember when I was so excited to see fortnite upload 16:48 he dodged the bullet in real life ­ I miss that season, people dont want to play a multiplayer game by themselves, I hope that one day I will meet you guys in real life.

7 fudging damage? DeliriousArmy You are awesome this song is freaking amazing H2ODelirious I look left there is a bush ­ů Well then ill make sure to blow you up just two shots brotha hahahaah that track was lit.

Omg thx for the likes Wolf 23 but. Watching this takes my mind off the world and its my therapy, boats and leaving the POI early are effective ways to not get caught in the storm Dont forget the new trash map. Fortnite hasnt changed any of its mechanics, Builder and Fabvl is best for me Travis McAndrews he doesnt play often? P Dusty divot­ Certo, and yes I know graphics dont really madder but I dont give one so shut.

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