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Ya man I started playing Fortnite at 11 and now Im disappointed to see that now the new 11 year olds are all sweats I wasnt a sweat when I was 11 I was laughing and playing with my friends and brothers What does that have to do with anything Du beter dig som om du skulle vara 9 9 och lyssna p en rapare som gjorde musik p 80 och 90 talet that makes no sens jag r 14 inte 9 Jag r 14 vad har jag gjort som gr mig 9 Yalla yalla bror yani sg till de, like if u agree NerdOut.

Wow throwback to simpler times, it said H2O and I was like NO WAY!. Although I havent played since season X in chapter 1 nothing beats Fortnite in its prime! Chill little kids Yes I liked to have the season 6 its cool When toxic is better than u at fortnite u will be mad if toxic stolled ur kills Hi and Im hyped for season 6 what your name on PS4 if you have a PS4 I am I bet its gonna be more skins guns and house Actually im not hyped because i dont play forkknife Says the guy with a tomatohead profile pic Emed Kabbara hshwhahs jwhsh sjsj sbw Ityeboi af my name on PSN.

Try to change it in Settings - Display. POV: your looked for his most viewed website Remember when fortnite was even remotely relevant kek Piana s Penguin Walking God Damnit yep, CDNTHE3RD And Dakotaz Were Lit Back when fortnite was actually fun.

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