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ill vote for nerdout. 25 all the time but sure I will try 1. The good ol days. I would get like 3 or 4 kill solo win : Leo Santani Im lucky if I even get that­ Mines would be 0 KILL SOLO LOSS KILLED BY SMG That would be missing the joy of being killed every 2min BUSH CAMP GAMEPLAY (INTENSE) (GONE WRONG) 8 kill Solo Loss with Scar Rpg sniper purple tac ­ Leo Santani if I was a streamer the title would be Ô1 KILL SOLO.

The website are so fun to look back on. Season 9: incompetent Season 8: incompetent Season 7: incompetent Season 6: incompetent Season 5 and below were the best Idk why epic wont just revert the game to what it was before­ ehhh season 5 was boring!!. now I kitchen fitted with Nuneaton installed gonna see Batman alone in 2 days on Sunday almost going to Morrisons shift Ô life different in bad way hahah Only 90s kids remember when scars did 98 for headshots and you couldnt build through trees or rocks?

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