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My highest was 30 but I dont play fortnite anymore as it is boring I now play ROBLOX or valorant This gives me so much fucking nostalgia They all used to be noobs back then. I remember this song bro I used to be addicted to Fortnite good times ­ Last time I enjoyed this game was in season 5 I remember laughing and having fun with friends and randoms the the game started to drop Im back now its chapter 3 season 1 the games not what it used to be yh sure its gotten abit more fun but no game will ever beat fortnite season 1-5 1:21 im sure weve all heard this at least once in our life Ah the good days were fortnite was actually fun I remember when I saw there names I got hyped Who else is like watching this in and remember the good OG times­­ I remember when i watched it 3 years ago Ô I remember when my pc cannot run fortnite, and 59 squads Artix is best he is Slovakia websiter Lolitofdez.

G R. Although I havent played since season X in chapter 1 nothing beats Fortnite in its prime. Ji┼├ Kaminsk├ Honestly what is this ÔI got the kill shotÔ ÔYou will dieÔ Jane moseling I disliked cause its just not my kind of music and I dont really like it I didnt see a lot of people wearing it Man Nerdout Rap Alway savage it hurt my heart jk nice website here from fortnite livesteam Its been 3 years and I still know all the words 4 years seen a hear this for the first time Lol just came back in December and this is so sad realizing how old this id fortnite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­­­ Then: one person king of dusty now: the nine year olds are king of the whole fkn map They legit kill everybody in the lobby.

- and in fortnite steps are loooud TheStripedShirtGuy yea you can hear where people are at with good head phones.

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