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I can still remember this song from 2 years ago this song is a classic The chills I just got coming back to this 2 years later I remember watching this and no knowing most of the streamers expect fortnite lol Im getting goosebumps listening to this Dude omg old memories I always cry after hearing this I remember thinking i was cool for singing this 2 years ago and played it on my mic even tho i was bad Damn this is when fortnite used to be actually good Back when the game was just starting up good ole days aint it Sometimes i would come back got his song and just ÔĘrememberÔĘ the lyrics This song came out 3 Years ago Today Brother This song is sick i love it ive heard it atleast over 60 times its so sick The fact well never play the season 3 and watch the old fortnite makes me sad This time was good its so sad that we lost this The game will never be as good as it was I remember in the party me and my friends used to sing this People blame sweats, THE DOLLARS IS WHAT I NEED?

You got it taken down just to prove a point. Im just noob at fortnite Fausto Poli you just made my day I was laughing so hard ­ Pffffff. He killed a quarter of everyone playing ­ Damn fortnite was so much cooler back in the day Who was expecting him to start swimming when he went into the water I am in no tilted no loot lake no bolt no semi no grey pump no blue rpg Like si eres espa├ol y crees q fortnite es el puto amo Rest In Peace purple tac­­­­ I would love to see him with a controller.

I even remembered the song This shit is a very good place for you can be found on the web ­Ş you can find Thank you ­ Very much just want to go back before the tryhard editers outbreak Some thing thats funny is all he said it was Good TimesAnd he got this much likes and comments I remember when the game wasnt ruined. ­ Im in still replaying this website because it was so good That was a nice gameplay.

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