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Gr├├e gehen raus an alle Deutsche ­ LolitoFDEZ has the same personal record The old building noise really hit home My highest solo kills was 11 and my average is 5,6 or 7 So Kids This is how fortnite Looks Before He got ligma Rebecca craft yes she is thats her user Wow first day playing pc and get in a match with fortnite how luckyunlucky­ TheAstep his personal record is 30 kills TheAstep NetJ has the WORLD RECORD 36 kill solo squad fortnite just makes it look so good though, ah I missed all of this!

It was always filled will toxic kids lol Glad im not the only person who thinks that. This brings back memories, its like this skin gives him power or something ­ He also used it in his 1 hp 4 revolver kills clutch lol Now if you try to shoot someone he builds a 5 stars hotel 7:45 look at the chat, it was such a nice gun with the sound omg memorys Most tragic end for a good game ­ I dont see how you can miss getting instantly killed by the worst rarity of a shotgun, I miss the old days ­ We had no idea how good we had it back then, just less so earlier on Another reason for that downhill thingy is that epic is having a lack of communication with the players.

Not an insult. its a world we live in Pummittaja06 better than fortnite ­­­­ Not a fan but I like the Trigger trash kids part Pummittaja06 I no dude cdnthe3rd you Da best Pummittaja06 Iha kivasti sulla likei­ Brahim Dano no H20Delirious was the best.

Matt C No its was a body shot and back in the day it would show white and blue damage separately so he did 65 blue 35 which equals 100. Please open your hearts to love and please find Jesus!!!!!!.

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