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JIO CR7 Aber auf PS4 und fortnite hats deutlich schwerer auf PC weil die anderen Spieler hier deutlich besser sinf MONTR65 Ps4 ist zwar schwieriger zum bauen und shotgun fights etc. Maybe epic can bring it back as dusty diner or up the chest count Dusty will still be ass no matter what I dont care if this song og its an embarrassment to society and it makes my depression worse and fuels me with rage and confusion Dark is so smooth like you no scope I quick scope u will choke H20 delirious should play the joker like if you agree CDNTHE3RD Dakotaz Fabvl AngelaMelly H2O NerdOut fortnite Halonce Play this at 11:56:37 and fortnite will start rapping at 12 Lol, THANK U El NOOBIS the day this came out I downloaded it so happy one year for me Ahh the good fortnite ­­­­­ Older than the whole fortnite fanbase Rob M but they changed it so drastically that its basically a new game Oh yeah everything was better,weapons,community, too many memories­­ Gray pump for 220 damage, H2ODelirious sounds so awesome rapping ­Ô Deliriousarmy I love deliriouss part in this so much man I miss the times where the game actually used to be enjoyable and you could meme without timmy the try hard demolishing you Nostalgia is painful man.

I miss old Fortnite? I spent hours making that thumbnail. So many recognizable faces and voices. Spy Kids we have a registered 5 year old here PopplioGamer But u still play Roblox FxAKwizard06 1 Day later But IM HERE Who else came after watching the second one its good wow Bruh I came back and forgot H2O was in this Everybody had bars yooo ­­­ That was actually epic BEST RAP ever Delirious won the rap battle for a fact.

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