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­ Fortnite was so good until people start sweating That one og fortnite when grey pump hits for 220 now the gold pump hits for only 203 Who remembers the defaults using builder pro The sound when u pick up stuff ­­ You are a legend fortnite your gameplay is nice gameplay I am websiter in India dead of NG gaming Fortnite please come back the first one Good times ­­­­­­­­ The main topic of the channel is back.

I get the players who dont build and are not cracked in any way. Good ol times staying up all night with the boys and you see the sun start to peak from your curtains Yk you did it­ I MISS THIS THE VIBES AND THE ART OF THE GAME WERE SOO GOODD Bro best times of our lifes no cap it was the best game in these times Ô´Ş Times when fortnite enjoyed what he was doing It makes me so sad to watch thisÔ´Ş Poor fortnite never gets back to this hype he had and for us its sad because we never could bring this time back to life­ There should be a game mode that was exactly the same as og fortnite, everything is bad me watching the website thinking about how now i would double cheek clap this fortnite in a 1v1 You need to think he hasnt played this game in about a year now The game that brought us all together Nobody: website: lets recommend fortnite 32 kill solo squad from 3 years ago ­ fortnite was truly the best back then know everybody and there grandma are sweaty try hards Bro if they make a time machine in the future, fortnight was the most popular game, Very much appreciated, Im not quite good as the tryhards but I learn fast I got a good amount of wins How tf can they build a burj khalifa True i dont mind crankers i appreciate the sweats skill but they dont put anything new or original now, Ôman I told you they talk about my snipesÔ You are the best sniper in fortnite ez Dakotaz funny thing is Snipes is my last name Im serious­­­ Damn dakotaz can rap man, I need to mention an important point that the option of crouch is only available in battle royal mode of the game, like.

The good old days. I can build roughly as fast as I can on PC You get matched up with with pc players Whereas in pubg its not the same Get a bluetooth controller and you ll be all right. im MEEEEEEERKPLIIEEER You love him to Im a big fan I didnt evan know he was in the song I agree with you ­ Get good or just leave.

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