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He love this boogie bomb Wish I could go back in time with my todays skill : Back when everyone called him poor college kid and now hes the rich adult The highest kill count Ive seen yet, the controlls, wow never thought that so many people miss the old sounds and gameplay :() Back when grey pumps did the same damage as gold pumps now Theres lots of players still playing but for me the game is not as fun as it used to be, theres no proof that I have a miserable life,in fact I have a good life JR__ PRO GAMER Cr PRO PLAYER Season 6 is lokiey Kjartan ├orri no I wasnt wandering I already knew it it was!

and the og times! Meaning he is a camper and I am fighting more than him. Even my sins are not that intense. Imagine how good everyone he killed in this game is now like theyre probably legends now The sound of your keyboard is so satisfying I guess you can say.

2 milion subs­­­ Salty dead yeah the blue rpg is vaulted Im watching in season 10 and my god fortnite was so much better with tilted towers and no mechs Omg remember when you could carry 10 minis 2:35 220 with a grey pump the good old days Whatssupp from the future ­.

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