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Nah its honestly fire, H2ODELERIOUSand FABVL has the best raps in my opinion. Fortnite is still fun in my opinion but it is different. Really helping to balance out the spray meta too. Also that doesnt mean theyre wrong boy I respectfully decline your Gods blessing. Just because it brings a tropical deserty vibe lazy links and paradise palms. 0 If you are here ini remember being just a kid at that time now i got a full fam like how ;-; This game play would be dope if he wouldnt use the RPG but used his other weapons I miss the old fortnite.

I remember listening to this every time I 1v1 my friends back in Tilted I wish fortnite code be like this again or at least bring back the old map as an Optional Damn, I miss this era of fortnite soooo much Ah the good old times where solo squad was actually playable Me when I get 10 kills: LETS GOOO!!!!!.

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