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N H we got the teacher to play it and make him sing it lol Haha lol I bet I couldnt do that to my average teacher Rebecca Ford my teacher plays music in lessons I wished everyone sang minecraft parodies Just because fortnite is good at fortnite doesnt mean he is good at singing Dakotaz and fortnite were near the bottom for me but I agree CDN was the best Wise Words From Captain America Rapping Yh now everyone is a sweaty and its not easy to have fun and do memes Missed the times fortnite had insane pop and ppl would be hyped for the bush and camping in them Definitely fun how ppl could EZ 1v4 squads RIP DOUBLE PIMP GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN I agree the only thing I like from after them seasons were heavy snipers and lazy links Season 10 snaps Season 3: mr Stark i dont feel so good Only the 90s kids Remeber the purple tactical shotgun For me: 1.

Wait was that satire or not Avrio youre not being realistic. Im mean you who rushes wearing a bush lol. JIO CR7 Aber auf PS4 und fortnite hats deutlich schwerer auf PC weil die anderen Spieler hier deutlich besser sinf MONTR65 Ps4 ist zwar schwieriger zum bauen und shotgun fights etc.

:D H2O Delirious starts at 2:11 and the best the best verse Whos still here getting a good ol throwback I cant stop replaying it!!!. corny It hurts to see him walk past a purple tac A boys can you play after school Cant believe people think hes trash now I miss thee old fortnite so much like fuuucckkkkk fortnite I play on console.

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