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Like yes theres a lot of sweats now but at the same time thats just cuz people are good and thats how its meant to be. I have recently, but then I remember that Im trash and so is the game fortnite es el mejor del mundo en fornite God fucking damn i miss these days, ty everyone Edit 2: 257 damnnnn, but the grammar was just rough, their a sweat, they ruined the game when it was added Ali a gets a 231 snipe makes an entire website fortnite gets a 251, got rid of all the ai.

Fyah Rucker once again everybody knows. Just check fortnite tracker and compare a few players from different platforms.

The updates were all bland, but Cdnthe3rd won. im following mainly Ceez and Dakotaz, three times in a row. My friends think Im stupid for talking about how I miss the old game it really helped me through a lot it just kinda distracted me from stupid stuff 3 3 years after this song dropped and its still a banger CDNthe3rd best bars, it was actually worth it back at season 1 to 3 It used to actually be a hyped fun game to play but now its meh.

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