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Its sad to see this came out 3 years ago tho time really moves fast And then i proceeded to kill him bc friendly fire was still on I am starting to build skybase in arena mode with my friends again and we are accually getting those 0 kill wins­ It remains the same, but U think its still poular Danny-_- Boy24 H20 Delirious all the way, all my friends know it, without realization i smiled. Halocene 7. Its so unbearably bad because of its awful game play and its all about sponsors by marvel or sumn The only bad thing about the game is the annoying 9 year olds who wont stop playing the game and they no life the entire thing Why would you care theres screaming kids in every game other than league Kinda everyone bc thats how time works Doesnt make sense.

Yasuo The average player on pc is better though with higher hit to miss ratio etc. ik this is gonna get ppl pissed but i kinda liked planes (although the turrets on planes were op) The planes were balanced in my opinion.

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