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ToastyBanana96 he was second for me DK was the best in my opinion ToastyBanana96 ceez was realistically the best the others in the rap would admit it he used to freestyle and shit back in his day, we just want a fun simple game again where all our friends want to play the same game and can make life long friendship!

3 with a vinculum over it XD POV: you decide to reply to this comment for no reason Josiah Carranza nop came in my recommended NGL true LMAO and I mostly went to his most popular vid for making memes BestOfRL ABONNIEREN UND LASS uns zusammen zocken Fortnite, but dont forget the last one r! I used to suck at Fortnite but with a lot of practice I was able to actually play the game without getting 200 pumped by sweats.

Im just watching gray pumps do 220 damage lol Man this fortnite was the best playing late night with your friends laughing cause we sucked and we would steal each others loot I miss those fuckers I miss these days before he died of ligma Cant believe this was 2 years ago so much has happened to this game I will be here every season Season10: (Chapter2) Season1: Season2: Season3: Season4: Season5: Season6: Dont ask the question its just a basic joke.

You got my vote lol that bar was super slick Dakotaz man you can rap who said you cant out of 10 I would rate it 11 Dakotaz the people who talk about your snipes are trasss you are a GOD You killed it whatchu talking bout on stream that was fire Dakotaz you were the best definitly.

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