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Thank me later You gonna pass pewdiepie in a couple of months ur growing crazy Man you look 100 like me. I do I even have it on my Xbox Spotify Impossible, just leave it. I wish I could just remind everyone that Fortnite is for everyone to have fun and not competitive. He doesnt know he was just trying to sound like he knew everything This is my opinion so plz dont hate! You realise that this game shouldnt be free and is way too good you decide to only play this game for the next year, fixed bugs,etc Jaden Fernandez I know it was a essay his teacher assigned Season 4 made the map ugly because of the giant hole Exactly I played 2k too until I went back to fortnite I agree with your comment for the most part.

POV:YOU WATCH THIS TO REMIND THE OG GOOD DAYS The time when a gray pumps shot gun gave 220 damage for 1 headshot While me just shooting the orange pump and giving people 209 damage on the head.

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