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Season 4-8 pulling all- nighters hell yeah those were the times What do you mean season 5 and up wasnt og He didnt say it was OG he said it was fun then Its funny how ur acting like it was 37 years ago or something Just realized that, leave a like.

No game will ever come anywhere near as good as this game in the first 3 seasons YGuy1 but everyone can spam. pure shit Actually enjoyed website games now theres nun rly new or fun Yeah when it dropped fortnite was so good I remember watching this at my cousins house sleep over the og days Thats what they said about Hiroshima. Its ridiculous. PikaGaming Im here because I deleted fortnite a few months ago CoD Gamer i said they should make another one with myth Theexpendable 859 that Pubg is a copy Probably.

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