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The gameplay is a star and the song is the best Whos Watching When They Vaulted The Pump (Season 9) Edit: Oh its back Damn. Which is why this is his personal record. u replied to my comment No Im watching this to make fun of it I feel so sad watching this as my best friend that had cancer died and the last time I played with him was on Fortnite listening to this song Yea it was mostly the tryhards and the toxic 9 year olds Turbo building and the pros ruined the game Heat fan no it didnt, man time flys by When he reacts to 8 donations as if they were 100 and reacts to 100 donations like they were 8 It went downhill since the addition of creative mode where sweats sit literally 247 cranking 90s and edits Cant believe its been like 2 years since ive played Someone who averages 3 kills a game in season X could get 30 kills in season 2 The amount of views this website has is INCREDIBLY insane How many times did he drop that boogie bomb 2:24 the sound of bandages hit me harder then ever and i am crying when seeing this artwork of nostalgia, and arent toxic, if you play more youll get at least 3-4 like me, OF COURSE theyre going to be a bunch of good players, nothing like 11hrs Damn this website brings back memories!

No Yes He has enough money to retire and live his life without working. (Watch the whole vid with 1?

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