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Hey little kids can I tell ya something fortnite isnt for kids under 13 and if they make a vid they could be going to a medical facility to check there mental health to see if there god damn crazy and bruh they say GTA is the game that makes kids cause violence and also epic is thinking a bout deleting fortnite Yeah but for Minecraft players its a full time job Its more relevant on fortnite than Minecraft. Now you have a bunch of sweats playing like theirs a million dollars on the line.

Didnt play since season 3 Yep with no minecraft haters or amature haters ب م ب Playing with the boys after football Salahaddin i had a stroke reading that Bro s0 was just save the world as i remember I think you forgot to write (is trash) This is the only fortnite I remember.

Kyrkebakken05 on ps4 H20 was fire fortnite sang the bit you were asking for The one who said Uninstall the game because honestly your trash dude No the first the beginning and the second and the last was the epic one Yeah but the big difference is that Eminems verse on that song was good unlike fortnite here. You can be rlly good and not addicted but you would likely move on at that point. dead but not forgotten, time really passes by so fast, you making up complete lies, Im not a fat 7 year old, but I still like this old song cuz it gives me nostalgia.

Making the game less fun overall Maybe if fortnite let the same season for like years people would have quited but i still want old fortnite Not necessarily, you would be required to complete the tutorialwhich is mandatory to all players.

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