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I started in s2 or s1 when I was 9 and now Im 12,I Remember it so good now it really is just full of toxic kids. Actually, but we wouldnt have live events (that make sense) then. Bursts also do a lot more headshot damage Weaver Clan the green pump (which is now the blue pump) does wayyy more damage than the purple tac (which is now a blue tac) Whenever i hear this it reminds me of old fortnite OMG DUDE I LOVED THAT WHEN I TO WATCH HIM Jajaja me imagino que tu eres noob al lado de el :v Does anyone else feel like we canceled fortnite a little too early, Huwu- nvm.

The game changed too fast and the devs made the game absolute garbage. Fabvl 6. Its the custom keybinds and easy aiming that makes it superior IAMToXiiiK a Mose it more easier than a controller bro Pc players are the best,PS4 are 2nd and Xbox are the most garbage IAMToXiiiK PC isnt easier.

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