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Youre talking smack and about that AI thing ok they did added them but its skill based you dont queue with then in game if youre a pretty skilled player you probably havent even played fortnite chapter2 thats you are making things up, IM SO DELIRIOUS. Tjey removed them and added blue pump and grey tac Hope Newman I started playing when Skull Trooper was in the store.

And console bloom feels way more severe Console is too easy man, this community is depressing af, like if you agree, thanks for making such good content dakotaz ur my favourite fortnite youruber Dakotaz you dead up sounded like a real rapper those bars ur flow damn Dakotas seriously man check out my snipes.

Bagel Spread, but fyi half these streamers are married Gamer Munchkin I dont listen to twenty one pilots but whats wrong to listen to them, the guy probably makes 150-200k a month and hes still really happy about a 100 donation, trust me buy it Everyone if ur smart youll buy this stock: SRAC its at 28 and its gonna double, this game was the best in its prime Already spent 3 years of the best music in the world Damn 3 years ago i miss the old days I miss this, I come here to cry, sweats doing quad edits its not how the game was and never will be the same again I wish I could go back and play it again I played in season 1 it was so fun probably the best game Ive ever played back in the old days I loved the pump and tac and landing at the prison I wish theyd bring the old sounds back so badly Same bro but look at it now since you made this comment Tyson Hamblin kids be trying so hard when they are 1 hp.

Totally agreed. The sound settings have gotten worse, stress free. DevilShip They removed them from competitive because the pros wanted them to be gone.

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