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CDN killed it at the beginning đđ Nostalgia hit like a double pump. I forgot how amazing this game used to be! Too bad that the meteor destroyed dusty My favourites are CDNThe3rd and Dakotaz Season 8 Still SMG Spams RIP LAZY LINKS, and planes without turrets, VIEWS REALLLLLLLLLLLL NOICE I remember when factories was gone I started to cry and like this only if your a og like me All I see is Only people that remember this can like this in the comments, youre just longing for the past because you were happier back then, wish I could build that fast!!!!, its a way to donate money on twitch Will Paraskeva 1 bit 1 cent but ut costs more to buy bits because some of that money goes to twitch Helix Adam Oxford the Mario Karter ok thanks Helix Adam Oxford the Mario Karter no fucking shit Yep and i own 287 estates all over the world DudesGamingVids Official no it works LargatĂ pues si nada mĂs vas a estas criticando Lolito es super bueno pero fortnite se lo come Lolito tuviera ese rĂcord sĂ se encontrarĂ mĂs gente Entonces que lo demuestre que haga un solo vs squad y que haga mas kills de las que hizo fortnite vamos a ver si es mejor 8) A mi me gusta mas lolito es un proooo Your from future hows fortnite doing there Lol hi anyone watching 10 years from now when fortnite will be dead and will all be playing the new most popular game lol Only 90s kids will remember GOOD shotguns Old fortnite Old slurp juice When build fights where more simple When ginger gunner was not rare Btw whos watching in 2916 Grey pumps More than 12 rockets When everyone was trash The old tilted building When tacs where purple 0:16 where you aiming at!?

Its what we were. U killed the game And then skill based matchmaking got added No. GOODBYE!!!!!. God bless Dude your name is offensive u know that homie Chyzzle try the others on 0.

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