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Was way too popular. 5x speed. I love this song i cant stop watching :) Im seeing a lot of people nostalgic about the good old days, memories I used to make concerts I literally staned fortnite 3 years ago my fav part was fortnite back then lmao Bro I love that I came back too this, Congrats on being successful on your funny website gaming channel.

fortnite 7. Well he now has a story to tell hisndaughter At 1:55 bro those builds are trash even for how early the game was when this was made bruh at 2:59 those two ninetys you are top tear How do i still know every single word Chapter 3 is already out I miss old fortnite All we can hope for is chapter 3 to be better They souldve put fortnite fortnite lets and get it all nite at the end If you watching this in you are a legend H20 delirious sounds weird without a terrible mic This song is ok but but for the most part its not the best 90 of people that watched this are 9 years old.

ARYAN GAMER hes honestly just mediocre at fortnight ARYAN GAMER I could beat him at anything except fortnight He would stand no chance against me in borderlands Gotta admit his hand is preety quick, you must be the master keyboard warrior Controller is way easier than keyboarding.

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