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The gold pump now cant even do that much damage lol Back then when fortnite was actually easy Crankers: X Sweats: X Fun: Lots of Streamers: Old fortnite and OG map: Double pump: Damn bro back when all the boys would play fort together Is crazy seeing how fast you could reload an RPG back then and know when youre reloading an RPG it takes 5 sec Pov: You searched fortnite because you havent watched him in years and went on his most popular website because he doesnt play fortnite anymore.

They said youd know if you were OG because you would! fire I remember when playground first came out me and my friends had the best times ever I remember watching the game play and being like man I wish I was that cracked I remember listening to this all day No matter how old this website is, ur basically dead, also pretty stupid.

7k likes xD None, I see Delirious I click And the results are in and the winner is, that averaged 40k viewers, like bruh after a month of nothing new youll get bored and quit, è troppo bella sta canzone soprattutto il beat, feels bad Oh my mistake keep the sub tho have a great day Have a good day sir and live a happy life A noob player. Glad Im subbed to you This website makes me happy og fortnite and og fortnite Simpler times I miss old fortnite and old fortnite Only 90kids remember those Blue RPG,tac smg and that gold semi auto and also that ammo stack of rocket He eliminated Justin cracked at fortnite my guy 3:56 8:07 if that was me I would be getting tones of noise complaints Who else came back to see the old fortntie and no actually sweats who build a five star hotel Uffffff cada vez que veo este website sigo diciendo que el mejor del mundo en fortnite es fortnite, so glad hes back.

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