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Wow sad u u just found out who he is Keeyah M. like 3299 CyanAbyss 3299 is more than 32, H2O DELIRIOUS AND fortnite!. Best fortnite vid for sure fortnite when he hits a long snipe then: fortnite when he hits a snipe now: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH CLIP THAT Aldeenyo bad players need better loot and cough mechs to be good now Even if they revert to this season, they had OP things but it was still fun.

Hisi pisi watch before leaving comments Coockiedog eat cookies hes saying that fortnite is better than myth read the whole conversation pls EliteProcessing nah DK and fortnite will crush him, racial slurs, now I hope that these Epic Gamers understand what an opinion is before they send me death threats Yh I remember when you were a pro if u could build a 1 by 1 I honestly struggle to keep up anymore JasonV FurryGamer oh shit our hero has arrived He sound more different here and his website Yeah remember that in his last QA (long ago) he said that he used a shitty mic and that when he changed people said he sounded too different and some subscribers complained that is why he still uses a shitty mic as he calls it.

its lowkey crazy that u actually think that. You can check your Fortnite account‚s worth here.

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