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Me and my cousin will listen to this over and over and over when fortnight was really popular The fact that almost anyone who has ever played fortnite knows all the lyrics to this song 2 years later is iconic Lowkey Delirious killed his part his part was ננ I love this song I listen to it every single day ננ Im from Lithuania, I remember in school if you could sing all the lyrics to this song you would be the coolest in school. Carbon Commando, that shit makes everything blurry, they ruined the game when it was added Ali a gets a 231 snipe makes an entire website fortnite gets a 251.

Go to school. Try again If you dont play it why did you even click on this vid Davut Selek because I like the song and there is nothing wrong with listening to a song based on a game that I dont play. today its just: you land, 20 pro;s in a 100 person match is no fun, and the sweats ruined it too Stop the cap. Youre welcome.

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