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just because ive had this utube acc for 2 years doesnt mean i played fortnite 2 years ago wtf Mad people were already building by then I mean if u wanna add me ill show u my season 2-4 skins U can go back and watch any gameplay from season 5 people were building cuz i think builder pro was out i dont remember what season it came out with tho. Dani Idk twitch gets some of that money but he probably makes around 300k altogether anyway as he has 4m subs on Yt as well Nicholas Lakatosh youre so mad LMAOOOOO GET OVER IT Lol 200k.

Its only dead when Epic stops updating it and no one likes unupdated games. ­ Grappler is in-game now. Would it be a good idea for you add them as a companion you can private talk with them. fortnite was obviously the best put a scar in my hands then its game time FINALLY I FOUND A COMMENT ABOUT H2O DELIRIOUS ­­­­­ Im lowkey on the verge of crying.

They say a sentence with ligma then when someone asks Ôwhats ligmaÔ the person says Ôligma ballsÔ its just a basic joke thats kinda corny and funny at the same time lol U better check off the next one ­ I miss the old fortnite when 100 friends were online and it was fun now i play it becauce theres nothing else I come back to this all the time makes me so sad how do much people want this back but they dont give it to us!

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