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i was only 11 back then, if you are able to execute the moves properly, well. ­ fortnite and Tfue will always be better than Mongraal and Bugha I know the damage stats are the same but aesthetically the purple tac looked so nice when it was in the game. ­ Like 50 comments on this vid say that to Ground gamin I guess saying gg and wp in games and not yelling means Im toxic. it was a typo. So I guess if you want to feel better about yourself play console cause they bad. time CDNthe3rd for the win ­ ­ CDNThe3rd Delirious for the win ­­­­ DeliriousArmy To├ito Gonzalez what is wrong with you Delirious for the win DeliriousArmy Camila Gonzalez no teddybeararmy ;) Yorochi 25 His part was no where near as good as Ceezes part Zx_N1tro I miss when Fortnite was like this Certified virgin if you knew the lyrics I remember I used to keep on singing this with ma best friend and he still remembers this me too That typical h20 laugh at the end of his part was just amazing CDN and Delirious were, Ceez has a good part since he wrote his own lyrics but I think some of the other lyrics are better Trueblack10 Gaming and Vlogs fortnite doesnt have a singing voice xd, epic games screwed up- big time.

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