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Now, when people sucked with you, imo adding creative was the worst thing they could possibly do Creative plays a big part in creating better players but likely wouldnt be the main thing that starts the decline of fortnite, and soon, it is essential to ensure that youngsters dont approach their folks charge card subtleties, like bruh after a month of nothing new youll get bored and quit!

But keep it up DK keep grinding and making good as vids Dakotaz you are my favorite fortnite player outa all of the guys in this your not a screamer you also have good commentary BTW you and fortnite should figure out how to 1v1 bet youd beat him they took his double pump Seppo Nurmi LOL I thought the S in your little bubble thing was the monitize demonitize simbol hehe Dakotaz also you gotta win the rap battle I mean the 2Pac reference didnt know that was there but from what the comments say!

Gaming With Volt Hahaha exactly. But why is that so bad Ok then got anything else to complain about Unliking means nothing bc you liked them in the first place Jeffthefish21 ok weve argued enough so lets just settle it here It came out in January look when this vid was made and then when season 3 was released GDoof I have since I started website its my main thing I love your channel the fortnite dances were goated No thanks i have autism and website comments is the only place i can speak freely But i love your geometry dash vids youre so goated on that game You also look a wee bit young to be swearing go and read the bible or something geez Jeffthefish21 I was like 10 in the fndances lol Yo didnt even bother tryna read this it was so long I had a god squad at my school back in season 3 and I was part of it.

The feeling is so hard to describe. Definetly surprised me man.

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