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Dis shit was lit especially h2O delirious part CDAthe3rd and FABVL was the best but H2O delerious was really funny H20 delirious laugh at the of his part I love him SO PROUD OF ANGELMELLY When I saw this I was like hold up Delirious no way You know that I am the king of dusty R.

I remember me and my friends used to do nothing but play Fortnite and it was the big supporter of our friendships, but pubg is harder to win in then fortnite? Hell they could make it seem like its all a replay then make the metor miss as a plot twist or some shit The storyline is falling to bits this season is the worst ever and players and streamers are leaving everyday hashtag ripfortnite the change cannot wait till June they need to try and save this game now Exactly but the sweats never leave the game:( Fortnite Trolls i have seen no one team up in solos Some guy tried to team with me once.

The game changed too fast and the devs made the game absolute garbage. Season 4 : worst season, that was a long time ago and Fortnite is just sad to see now I salute for the old tomes and the times i listened to this first time They Talk About My Snipes -Legend Dakotaz This brung a tier to my eye because I know I will never play fortnite like this again, be happy it happened.

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