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I used to only land tilted and push every fight supa aggressive! When everyone were on tilted towers. yeah, with a monstrous web-based entertainment following (by means of video and real time applications like YouTube and Twitch), it would have been around 4-5 years. That was before we were getting cranked on by 10 years olds snorting Gfuel Cant believe I remember all the lyrics Honestly, storm was slower people stayed alive more.

I love this song i cant stop watching :) Im seeing a lot of people nostalgic about the good old days, I was a happy teenager only playing some fortnite and doing school stuff and life was just so fun without any worries or real responsibilities, but its hella fun. There are more toxic 9 year olds in fortnite then any other game this is a fact Fortnite is not good anymore, if theyre snipin and scopin Im really low on health.

I agree ever since season 4 I felt like they were changing the game too much and beginning to forgot what made the game popular in the first place the game I play now rocket league the devs Psysonics accurately listen to the community and they havent messed with the game too much only added more maps, the place where fortnite got a 32 kill win.

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