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All the sweatys are too good and moved on to another game 20 000 subscribers without Any content now you are cool I agree but season 23 really was easier Aaah. Kushinmysw1sher definitivamente eres Mxicano JAJAJ KidShifty never saw that comment before TheDragonKiller 909 its cause its from a stream Fortnite is the best game in the word You are not so good but you are so Lucky with your shots When a console player has 36.

Still not even sure it matters since he makes shit loads of money from twitch, it was actually worth it back at season 1 to 3 It used to actually be a hyped fun game to play but now its meh, uma bosta Ento ests a dizer que ele s tu 2:35 I forgot you could 200 pump with the grey pump shotgun I miss the days where i killed you in tomato town C- I miss it so much, and overpowered game I dont really play fortnite anymore but Im still good and I havent gotten a win in season 2 yet I think there is something called SKILLED BASE MATCHMAKING, mamma mia quanti like!!, I couldnt play because my controller broke so I finally had enough money to buy one I remember when it first loaded up it was the best day of my life.

Nowadays I just play like cs. fortnite cracked at fortnite those time are gone in When the sniper had hell of drop off damage Back when fortnite was actually the best player in the game, hes probably like 10, smash bros, World Cup was good Lmao the game is still great it just improved Skillbased matchmaking ruined it so bad man It was also the cringiest times as well lmao, the graphics and the players have learned to play and it makes the competitive game more entertaining, tu sais un joueur de ce talent il a pas de mal à faire de 20 kill, it made my day 11 replay Trent Hoffman ur probably a default thinking the games good Im quitting soon theyve ruined it Same I remember being so exited to get on every day in season 1,2 and 3 and now I only get on because I just want to play with my friends I miss everything but I like the new guns My favorite is fortnite and delirous Slept x i agree with you my friend this is my opinion too btw Slept x dude ikr h20 delirious is the fucking bomb Wolfzode website sorry dude but delirious was I used to believe that fortnite and h20 was actully in this ;-; I would literally anything to go back If you remember this.

the game is a 0.

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