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HE IS MY TRUW LOVEE!!!1. Man I miss those days Ol o this season is good tho do u play I agree with everything except the vehicles part. TheFakeBrain 133 in my opiniom is dakotaz why did you remind me The nostalgia of playing without tryhards and i feel that too? ALL GONE I agree with the fun of the game. Even if I havent heard this song in a few years my fav part is still trigger trash talk kids I LOVE WHEN H2O LAUGH The fact that Im watching this in Minecraft never dies, of too much nostalgia every time im here fortnite had the coldest bar in history ZADEN GIGNAC No please i hope they dont go down to that level I remember Dusty played since I think season 1 I dont remember when I started playing but I remember playing during season 2 There are literally the exact same factories at the dj yonder thing Vastwolfy Pro-Gamer gtfo only people who remember when there was one shield pot I remember i got killed by someone with a pistol when I had an ar THIS IS DOPE, and fortnite was more fun so i stuck to it but now i play cs again Bro spies and fucking planes are what made the game bad.

If someone took out a team with this aim assist then they could of easily taken him out aswell with this aim assist that you talk about? It was gonna happen anyway.

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