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Malicious Cheese same here. Oh god what is dis shit Nobody is leaving fortnite they are just complying and being whiners Yes but still its a popular game and had over 150 million players Everyone : Minecraft is better than fortnite Pewdiepie : And thats a fact Really it reminds me when i first met daniel Yup, also the first time I played it and gotten 3 kills, and a big center lake, I mean the attitude dude, dawg, lets get it !.

Great job fortnite­­­­­­ fortnite is so chill. ­ Grappler is in-game now. Thank you so much nerdout, wish we could do all the good times over ­ Wosymx ur so right I miss told fortnite idk why the memories were so strong and amazingly godly.

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