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There are much better Im sorry but there is more popular,higher quality and overall more important and enjoyable games than fortnite and 98 of the gaming community would most definitely agree I would say minecraft is still pretty good, that was a long time ago and Fortnite is just sad to see now I salute for the old tomes and the times i listened to this first time They Talk About My Snipes -Legend Dakotaz This brung a tier to my eye because I know I will never play fortnite like this again, game still was fun then.

You just jump around and shoot and hope you hit them with a good shot. P Old fortnite When he used to play solo squads Nagging Doubt wow very funny haHAA xD LOL LMAO ROFL Every single time fortnite streams he gets like over 10 super dope hilights You get 10 kills in 4 minutes and I get in 30 minutes ,1 kill 16:49 anyone notice him try dodge the snipe irl Anyone from - watching this just for the memorys Bro you was the only one who I watch his fortnite website in the past.

It doesnt rlly matter who sings good its awesome Ahmad Maher Fabvl wasnt rapping he was singing Arturo Villa yeh delirious dakotaz and fortnite Wise person you are Fortnite was so much better back then not like this only turtels and long things is all i see in matches I am a 10 year old gong try hard and yes 5 kills back then made u insane JARVIS. Seeing this on my recommended made me so happy Back in to old days when the grey pumps did 220 damage headshot I miss the old fortnite i still watching this in again and again the old fortnite was unforgettable we want old fortnite back The good old days where their werent any tryhards miss the good old days Only 90s kids will remember when fortnite used to swear Dont be sad because its over, we like what we like and you dont see us calling your favorite websiter trash now do ya RamIQQ l Why you getting butt hurt because of delirous cant rap Twitch_ Clipz get out if you are going to spread negativity What u guys talking about delirious army IM SO PROUD TO BE.

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