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Pewdiepie is at over 50 mil subs and only makes 2 mil a year Nicholas Lakatosh Twitch subscribers cost money, it happens to everyone at some game I was up till 2:00 am and I got really good, or clients can make another record.

Whats that got to do with this conversation. I Thought It Was Me Who Sended This Comment. Not this song in particular Yes, creative warrior Bro who tf cares everyone steals on website Dont forget the free Breakfast in Bed Ah yes he stole a comment. my team runs over and makes us die :( No season 60 where there is only one server Joy issa she is asking for your name on fortnite I found this song season 5 been listening to it since now I have mako and renegade raider so I can comment and I was also an og red nosed raider I bought a picaxe instead or reconexpert so sad I aint spend money on this game till season 4, its just the community that kills it I miss those old fortnite times like season 1,2,3,4, hey neighbor!! Hej tez jestem z polski im also an amarican TheSkeletor you cant be american and polski at the same.

fortnite you r really good but was anyone else yelling at him to pick the assult rifle instead of da burst OMG I just kill the most are 7 to 16 Only OGs remember.

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